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Local Healthcare Experts Reveal Ways That Businesses Can Reduce Costs

-- Guidance on Cost Control Offered by Benefit Planning Services LLC and Other Healthcare Organizations --

Norwalk, Conn. -- Fairfield County businesses struggling to pay high health insurance premiums for their employees will learn what drives healthcare costs at a special forum at Norwalk Community College from 5:30–8:30 p.m. on January 26, 2010.

At the forum, a panel of healthcare experts will provide information on the financial aspects of delivering and managing healthcare and will then answer questions from the audience.

Ruben A. Nogueira, Partner at Benefit Planning Services LLC of Norwalk, Conn., will participate in the panel. He will speak about the hidden costs affecting health insurance premiums in the state.

"Connecticut employers contribute one of the highest amounts in the nation toward health insurance premiums for employees and their families," Nogueira said. "Yet reducing benefits is unthinkable, because then businesses would lose talented executives and workers. However, businesses can apply several creative strategies to cut costs and still provide excellent healthcare coverage."

Nogueira will be joined by the president of the Fairfield County Medical Association, the CEO of ConnectiCare, the director of health of the Norwalk Health Department, the chief financial officer of Norwalk Hospital, and the president of Devine Bros. Inc., a local business. Tom Appleby of News 12 Connecticut will moderate the discussion.

Business leaders and members of the public who attend the forum will learn about options that can bring healthcare expenses under control.

"They will have an opportunity to pick the brains of highly experienced professionals from the healthcare industry," Nogueira said. "They will receive well-informed and actionable answers."

The forum, organized by the Leadership Institute of the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, is open to the public free of charge.

More information about the forum can be obtained by calling Benefit Planning Services at 800.378.7526.

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This press release announced Benefit Planning Services' participation in a public forum on healthcare, where the company provided information on the hidden costs affecting insurance premiums.