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Case Study: Phosphoric acid producer reduces cadmium to under 4 ppm, attains more than 100% ROI


A producer of phosphoric acid had cadmium levels in its final 54 percent P2O5 acid (or “strong acid”) of 10.25 ppm. The producer wanted to export its phosphoric acid to the European Union and other parts of the world. However, it was unable to do so because its cadmium levels were higher than the limits set by international agricultural regulations.

To bring its product into compliance, the customer gave Cytec the challenge of reducing cadmium to below 4 ppm. It further required that the cadmium removal process not disrupt regular operations, and be easy to implement.


Cytec applied its ACCO-PHOS® 800 reagent to the strong acid before the filtration step. Dosages varied between 1 kg/tonne and 3 kg/tonne of P2O5.

The cadmium in the strong acid formed a complex with gypsum and was removed in the filtration process.


Cytec met or exceeded all of the customer’s goals:

  • Cadmium levels dropped to 3.95 ppm at 1 kg/tonne dosage, and further to 2.25 ppm at 3 kg/tonne dosage.
  • Cytec’s solution was easy to implement and did not disrupt existing operations.
  • The customer was able to vary dosages depending on the type of phosphate rock and cadmium level, and still achieve desired results.
  • The customer could now successfully export its products. New revenues from international markets generated a return on its investment in ACCO-PHOS 800 reagent of more than 100 percent.

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