Technical marketing writing calls for a solid understanding of the audience and a finely calibrated tone. You want your writing to be clear and approachable, but not elementary. Sometimes, you have to satisfy dual audiences, like Ph.D. scientists and CFOs, so your copy should keep both groups interested.

Equally important, a writer of technical marketing collateral should be able to grasp the client's technology. If not, he or she will have a difficult time writing convincing marketing copy for a technical audience.

Meeting the Challenges of Technical Writing

Access Communications understands the challenges of writing for technical readers. We are your source for technical manuals, technical marketing literature, and technical reports, case studies and white papers. Our writers know their alkyls from their allyls, their hydrometers from their hygrometers, their data migration from their data porting.

Technical Writing Must Sell, Too

We also know that technical writing must be interesting and persuasive. You can't bore your customer into buying your product, whether it's soap or a scientific instrument. We organize our technical content so it's structured with clear transitions, emphasis and exposition. As we make your technical case, we also make your business case.