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Google Ads works, if you work it right.

Access Communications works it right, and our clients enjoy the results. Our Google Ads management services put your ads high on Google's search results pages. They drive visitors to your site and help you convert them to customers.

Google puts a massive array of tools at the advertiser's disposal. Some work better for one type of business, some for others. We evaluate each one and apply the tools that best help grow your business. Taking into account your business goals, geography, budget, competitors and other factors, we plan and execute your Google Ads strategy and closely monitor results.

Access Communications is a Google Partner Company

We earned the Google Partner badge by passing Google advertising certification exams, following best practices and delivering superior results for our clients. We meet Google's standards for agency excellence and work with its Google Ads experts to serve you better.

See some client results.

We create and manage your Google Ads campaign from our Stamford, Connecticut, offices. Melding creativity and logic, we:

  • Research keywords
  • Set up your campaigns and ad groups
  • Select proper keyword match types
  • Implement negative keywords
  • Analyze your landing pages and recommend changes (if needed) that increase conversions
  • Analyze your competitors' Google Ads activity
  • Write ads that differentiate you from your competitors and earn qualified clicks
  • Create ad extensions
  • Monitor and analyze your campaign's performance on various metrics such as bids, keywords, ads, click through rates, conversions, geography, queries and placements
  • Set up remarketing campaigns
  • Create new keywords, ads and ad groups, as necessary
  • Create and implement conversion codes
  • Integrate Google Ads with Google Analytics reporting.

Pay-Per-Click Ads on Multiple Search Engines

Although Google accounts for more than 65% of U.S. web searches, Yahoo! and Bing also deliver cost-effective results to advertisers. Ask us about managing your campaigns on these search engines as well.

Client Results

Our portfolio shows some typical results we've achieved for our clients. Find out what we can do for you. Give us a call.

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