by Arun Sinha

Is your Google Ads campaign filling Google's treasury but not yours? Here are some reasons business owners may not be seeing the windfalls they expected from their Google Ads activity.

Starting at the Wrong End. It's a common reflex to begin by creating keyword lists and writing ads. But the real moneymaker in a Google Ads campaign is the landing website. Put away the keyword research tools for now and think about what you want to happen after someone clicks on your ad. Figure out your sales funnel, then find your keywords and build your ads.

All Clicks Lead to the Home Page. This is one of the mistakes that suck your credit card dry. Clicks should lead to a landing page that puts the visitor on the path to becoming a buyer or a lead.

Muddled Campaign Organization. Google has given us campaigns, ad groups and keyword match types for a reason – to maximize the chances of the right person seeing the right ad when they enter the right query, at the lowest possible cost. The rest is up to us. In the rush of writing ads, people forget to organize their campaigns correctly.

Failing to monitor, test and tweak. Business owners who let their Google Ads campaigns run on autopilot will never get the full benefit of the campaigns. Anything can happen while you aren't looking – your ads might fall off the first page, a competitor could ramp up, search trends might change, and so on. You need to stay on top of the beast.

Running Sub-Optimal Campaigns. That's a polite way of saying you're not doing Google Ads very well. You have the wrong keywords or too few of them, your ad copy doesn't invite clicks, you let Google make decisions for you. Raise your game and change a few things around. Google Ads gives you swift feedback, so you'll soon know whether your revisions are moving the needle in the right direction.

Ads Isn't Right for Their Product. It must be said: Google Ads cannot benefit every product. Sometimes, there just aren't enough people searching for what you're selling.

Google Ads is a proven source of sales. If it's underperforming for you, check if your campaign could improve in any of the above areas.

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