The heart of your newsletter is the stories you tell. Access Communications writes interesting, informative and persuasive stories that get readers to take notice and respond.

Good stories take effort. We start by understanding the goal and angle of each story, then we research the topic and interview the experts.

Our writing follows journalistic standards of style, format and accuracy. We edit and proofread our work before sending it to you, so you get polished final copy.

If you prefer to write your own material, we edit and proofread it for you and help you fit it into your newsletter's layout.

Graphic Design

Effective graphic design plays a critical role in the appeal and readability of your newsletter.

By carefully choosing color, layout and typography, we:

  • Establish mood
  • Organize information
  • Maximize comprehension of text
  • Achieve a consistent look
  • Enhance your image.

Photography and Graphics

We commission original photographs, pick stock images or work with your images. Our professional photographers are experienced in corporate and architectural portraiture.

Wherever appropriate, we create charts and graphics that enhance the meaning of the text.

E-Newsletter Distribution

If you plan to mail your newsletters from your own servers, we will ensure your mail administrator has the correct PDF or HTML files.

Alternatively, we can set up and manage your e-newsletter's distribution by a third-party email service provider. We will maintain your mailing list, dispatch your newsletters and analyze your delivery reports.

Printing and Mailing

Access Communications manages all printing responsibilities, from sending files and specifications to the printer to mailing newsletters to subscribers.

We team up with printers accustomed to the high-quality, low-volume requirements of corporate newsletters. Most or our printers have bulk sorting and mailing facilities on their premises, and can accept your mailing list in a variety of formats.