by Arun Sinha

You can add an HTML phone link anywhere on your site. Headers, footers and the Contact page are the most common places where phone numbers are linked with HTML.

To add a clickable link, add the following html tag to your on-page code:

<a href="tel:1234567890">Call us</a>

The phone number you enter in the tag doesn’t have to be formatted with hyphens or parentheses. You can enter it as 123-456-7890 if you wish; this won’t be regarded as an error. You might even find it preferable, as it makes the number easier to scan when you’re proofreading your code.

You can change Call us to whatever text you wish, like Click to call or the actual phone number. When the displayed text is a phone number, some browsers like Safari and Chrome will automatically open the telephone app when a user taps the number – even if the number is not linked.

If you want to enter an extension to the phone number, add “p” followed by the extension number:

<a href="tel:1234567890p11">Call us</a>

The phone will pause for one second before dialing the extension.

Note that the phone number in the <a> tag doesn’t have a “1” in front of it. That’s because the browser doesn’t require the country code to dial a number in the same country. But if you expect international phone traffic, you should add the country code before the number:

<a href="tel:+11234567890">Call us</a>

As with hyphens between numbers, the “+” in front is not required. But as mentioned above, doing this makes the whole number easier to scan.

Don’t include a zero before the country code.

How to Add a Clickable HTML Phone Link in WordPress

WordPress and other Content Management Systems (CMS) make it easy to include clickable HTML telephone links. See below for a description of how to do it in WordPress. If you’re using a different CMS, the procedure will likely be similar.

The following assumes you’re using blocks (i.e., the “Gutenberg” editor) to enter content in WordPress.

1. Select the text you want to link, and in the toolbar above the text, click the link icon.

clickable html telephone link in Wordpress

2. Type tel:1234567890 in the box, without quotation marks. (Replace 1234567890 with your phone number.)

3. Hit Enter or click the Submit icon.

submit clickable html telephone link in Wordpress

4. Your text will be linked:

final text clickable html telephone link in Wordpress

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