by Arun Sinha

Google Ads' call reports provide a vast amount of detail on the calls you receive from call extensions, location extensions, and call ads in your Google Ads campaigns. Once you enable call reporting, the call reports appear in your Google Ads reports. They include data on things like call duration, ad group, search term, caller phone number, and a host of other dimensions and metrics. Analyzing call reports helps you further optimize your campaigns.

Here's how to find call reports for your campaigns in Google Ads:

Note: If you haven't enabled call reports, scroll down to the "Enable Call Reporting" section, then scroll back up to find out how to see your call reports.

1. In the Google Ads menu, at top right, click Reports, then click Predefined reports (Dimensions), followed by Extensions and then Call details.

Google ads call reporting setup

2. This brings up the Call Details report.

You will find data about calls already set up in a table, like the start time of the call, the caller's phone number, call duration, the call type (such as "Mobile click-to-call" or "Manually dialed"), campaign, ad group and so on.

As you would expect from Google, you can add a vast number of dimensions and metrics to your call report, like ad and search keyword. You'll find a complete list in the column at far right:

Google ads call reporting metrics and dimensions

3. Simply click on the metric or dimension you want and drag it to the column titled Row. There, you can move it up or down to change the order of columns in your report.

4. If, for some reason, you don't see two columns on the right edge of your screen, click the << button at top right, next to the Filter icon:

Google ads call reporting expand metrics

You can also change the date range, filter the data by a number of criteria like ad group, call source, day of the week, campaign bid strategy type and so on.

5. If you like seeing data presented in charts, you can change the table layout to a chart by clicking the down arrow next to "Table":

Google ads call reporting convert table to chart

And, of course, you can download the data for further analysis in Excel or Google Sheets.

How to Enable Call Reporting

6. Go to your Google Ads account. If you manage several Google Ad accounts, go to the appropriate client account in your Google Ads manager account (previously known as My Client Center, or MCC).

7. Select All Campaigns from the left menu. You can only enable call reporting for all campaigns, i.e., the entire account. As of this writing (July 2022), you cannot enable call reporting for only specific campaigns in the account.

8. Click Settings, then Account Settings:

Enable Google ads call reporting

9. If "Call reporting" does not say "Turned on," click "Call reporting" and click the appropriate buttons:

Set up Google ads call reporting

10. Click Save.

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