Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can embed a PowerPoint presentation in your website using Google Drive. This method of embedding PowerPoint files in your website only works if you have a Google account and have set up your Google Drive.

  1. Log into Google Drive.

  2. Click + New, then File upload.

    New file upload

  3. Navigate to the PowerPoint file in your computer and click Open to upload it.

  4. Once the file has finished uploading to Google Drive, right-click it in Google Drive and select Open with > Google Slides.

    Open PowerPoint presentation with Google Slides

  5. You may see a window titled "Welcome to Office Editing" if this is the first time you've uploaded a Microsoft Office file to Google Drive. You can click Take a tour if you wish, or just click the X in the top right corner of the window to close it.

  6. Your PowerPoint presentation will be open in Google Slides. In the menu at the top, click File and select Publish to the web.

    Publish PowerPoint presentation to the web

  7. The "Publish to the web" window opens. Click Embed.

  8. Here, you can change the slide size, auto-advance interval (read more about this feature, below), and enable or disable autoplay on page load and automatic restart after the last slide.

    Attributes of PowerPoint presentation on the web

  9. Make your changes, if any, then click Publish.

  10. Click OK.

  11. Google shows the embed code. Press Ctrl-C to copy the code.

    Embed code for publishing PowerPoint presentation to your website

  12. Close the "Publish to the web" window by clicking the X at the top right corner of the window.

  13. Paste the embed code in your web page at the point where you want to place the presentation.

  14. If you reopen the "Publish to the web" window and click Stop publishing, your embed disappears from the web page.

    stop publishing

More on Auto-advance

The auto-advance feature sets the number of seconds each slide stays on the screen when the user clicks the Play arrow in the Google Slides player.

If you selected Start slideshow as soon as the player loads in step 8, your presentation will start automatically and advance from one slide to the next after the number of seconds you specified.

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